Our Crew


Hey, I'm Lawrence, originally from Chester in the U.K.  I came to Canada to experience a 'real' ski season and the surf lifestyle!  I spent the winter in Whistler and now in Tofino for the summer.  I fell in love with surfing after doing a surf camp in California and it's great to be in a place where you can surf everyday!  I'm excited to meet you and watch you catch the surf addiction!


Hey, my name is Sam.  Born and raised in Winchester, England, I visited the Netherlands a lot while growing up, as I am half dutch.  I recently moved to Canada to experience real sized mountains and spent the past winter at Mt. Washington, working as a snowboard instructor  There, I achieved my CASI level 2 and park certification.  I even taught my new boss's son to snowboard!  Back home, I worked as a science and math teacher.  I have a love for teaching people the things I am passionate about and now I get to do this with surfing.  I love to travel as well and teaching people how to surf and snowboard will help keep this addiction going!


Hey everyone, I'm Erin!  I've spent the past 7 years around water as a lifeguard at beaches, pools and lakes.  Now, I am thrilled to spend this summer in Tofino as a surf instructor.  I'm originally from Ottawa but have been in the U.S. working on my Masters degree in Folklore and Public Culture.  As side from surfing, I like to play music and dance, and in the winter, hit the slopes for some powpow.  I'm excited to meet you and take you out to the waves.


Heeey everyone!  My name is Sophia. I am from Austria and am in Canada on a working holiday experience.  Surfing, which is one of my absolute favorite activities, brought me here to Tofino to become a surf instructor.  Austria isn't exactly known for its waves, so I went abroad in search of the surf stoke.  I found it in 2019 and fell in love with it instantly.  That is why I am very happy to be here, show you how fun surfing can be and share some waves with you!


TSA manager, Adam decided to move to Tofino in 2014 and has never looked back.  He has been in the water for as long as he can remember as he was practically born with swim goggles on.  Adam swam competitively for a decade, even representing Canada, but then smartened up and realized that surfing is a lot more fun!  Out of all the schools he has taught for, “TSA has let me share what I love about surfing with visitors and locals from ages 5 to 75. Every year just keeps getting better!”