Our Crew


Katie’s Canadian Adventure began last year after finishing University and craving a more outdoorsy lifestyle. Across the pond, from the shores of Ol’Blighty, Katie took a break from science and jam scones to trade in for kayaks, hiking boots and now a surboard. She fell in love with the Island while trekking the Juan de Fuca last autumn and promised to return. After a winter of skiing, the Pacific Ocean called - from Costa Rica! Balmy tropical surfing coaxed her in and she knew what she needed to be doing in Canada next! Be ready with a story or a laugh for Katie as she greets you for your lesson at the shop.


Raised near Vancouver, Thomas has been coming to Tofino over the years. Adventure activities have become a very important part of his life. Whether it's climbing, skiing, hiking or surfing, Thomas is always looking for the next 'hit'. If Thomas isn't surfing or teaching a lesson, you can find him enjoying the beautiful scenery of Tofino or cleaning his hiking boots. He is absolutely psyched to share his passion of surfing with others!



Always happy with a positive spirit, Cloé is a high level athlete from Quebec who is unable to sit still.  She is always busy with a ball or board, such as in wakesurfing, futbol, flag football, ski or snowboards and naturally, surfing!  Cloé can even teach you about circus, such as unicycle or trapeze.  Enthusiastic and energetic, Cloé does also have a serious side.  She is currently studying to become a health care professional to add onto her life guarding skills and training.  Come have fun with Cloé this summer as her infectious fun, bubbly, happiness will guarantee to rub off on you!


TSA manager, Adam decided to move to Tofino in 2014 and has never looked back.  He has been in the water for as long as he can remember as he was practically born with swim goggles on.  Adam swam competitively for a decade, even representing Canada, but then smartened up and realized that surfing is a lot more fun!  Out of all the schools he has taught for, “TSA has let me share what I love about surfing with visitors and locals from ages 5 to 75. Every year just keeps getting better!”