Our Crew


Born and raised in Vancouver, Carter, a sports fanatic, can always be found on the field or in the water.  From rugby to futbol to surfing, he can do it all.  Surfing discovered Carter in Mexico which led him to Tofino and then landed him on TSA's doorstep.  Since he moved to Tofino, all his time has been put into surfing which led his passion for surfing to become a surf instructor.  Lucky for you, he gets to share this with you!


After graduating school as a commercial pilot, Matt left his home in Ontario with a backpack and one way ticket. Chasing waves while backpacking throughout Central and South America eventually led him back to where his surfing passion began, Tofino. When he’s not in the ocean, you can usually find him on the trails, taking photos or watching the sunset! Whether he’s instructing a lesson, or hanging around the shop, Matt is stoked to share his stories and love for surfing to everyone who wants to hear.


Our international man of mystery, who goes by Mark, originally hails from Ontario.   After getting pounded by the waves in Mexico as a young boy, he realized this was his calling and changed the trajectory of his life.  After surfing crazy waves all around the world, Tofino called to him and brought him in to share his passion for surfing to all those he can.  A fine guitarist and lover of live music, his true secret career path would be a stand-up comedian... and he sure keeps us entertained around the shop!  "Some things are meant to be and surfing is much like that."


Originally from the city that never sleeps... New York... Sophia has grown to love the kind people and slower pace of life here on the island. When she’s not at work, she’s either surfing, hiking or teaching English. As an artist, she paints on the waves with her surfboard! Whether she’s greeting you at the front desk, or instructing a lesson, she is just as stoked to get you out on a wave, as you are to ride it!



Mel came to BC 2 years ago and fell in love with the west coast, just like the rest of us.  Mel grew up as a gymnast but swapped the lycra tights for neoprene tights when she matured into adulthood.  Since she left Germany, where she is originally from, Mel has spent the winters split-boarding in the mountains and the summers surfing in Tofino, all while living in a sweet van with lots of storage. Mel's love for traveling has taken her to countries all around the world but there are many more to cross off the list.  Mel simply loves the outdoors and is always looking for a new adventure.


Hi, I'm Micah from the Sunshine Coast!  Growing up there has lead him to live an outdoorsy lifestyle, from playing in the snow in the mountains to the ocean waters.  "B.C. is my home and my playground".  Micah is currently studying to become an architect but in the summer, he's focused on making designs out on the waves.  Micah is pumped to be a surf instructor as he gets just as much stoke from teaching people how to surf as he does catching waves.


Adam decided to move to Tofino in 2014 and has never looked back.  He has been in the water for as long as he can remember as he was practically born with swim goggles on.  Adam swam competitively for a decade, even representing Canada, but then smartened up and realized that surfing is a lot more fun!  Out of all the schools he has taught for, “TSA has let me share what I love about surfing with visitors and locals from ages 5 to 75. Every year just keeps getting better!”